At Chumash Casino Resort, we are dedicated to the sustainable health of people, the planet and our company. Guided by the principles of integrity, transparency and social responsibility, we promote sustainable business practices by using resources responsibly in our daily operations and throughout our entire supply chain.

We are proud to report on our progress in these critical areas:

Transportation Initiatives 

Acquisition of Electric & Hybrid Fleet Vehicles
Installation of Electric Charging Stations
Employee Shuttle saving 700,000 car trips annually

Front of House Initiatives

Extensive waste diversion effort achieving 50% decrease through reduction, recycling, reuse and composting
Extensive decrease in single use packaging
Installation of Airblade Hand Dryers in restrooms eliminating use of over 18,000 paper towels annually
Water purification system in The Willows restaurant reducing the use of bottled water
Increased use of recycled content/biodegradeable kitchenware
Partnership with Clean the World Foundation to provide minimally used soap products to impoverished people around the world

Back of House Initiatives

Membership in EPA Food Recovery Program to separate paper and food scraps from other waste streams
Wastewater is collected, treated, and reclaimed for use within various casino facilities
Landscape green waste is repurposed for compost and mulch
Collection of used kitchen oil for use by local biodiesel producer
Creation of a WVO processing and fueling station to make biofuel for Tribal use
Installation of staff “Hydration Stations” for filling reusable water bottles, reducing bottled water use.