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Q:  What will be your hours of operation? 
A:  Chumash Casino Resort will be open 24 hours. For your health and safety, some amenities may not be available. 

Q:  I have an expired ID because I have been unable to renew mine with the DMV.  Can I still enter the casino?
A:  For entry into the casino, any guest 21-69 years of age who has an expired non-commercial CA ID will need to provide proof of their extension (proof that their DL/ID was renewed online or by mail) to Security in order to enter. For a commercial drivers license they have an automatic extension through 5/31/21, and may be accepted as valid without a printed extension from the DMV office.
Q:  Do I have to wear a mask upon entry to the property?
A:  Face coverings are required. Removal of face covering is only permitted when seated at a slot machine or table game where a physical barrier is present, or when seated for dining (6 ft apart).

Q:  Will all your employees be wearing masks?
A:  Currently, all employees will be required to wear masks.
Q:  Will patrons be able to smoke in the casino?
A:  Smoking is not permitted in common areas. Smoking is only allowed when seated at a slot machine or table game where physical barriers are present.

Q:  Will Bingo be open?
A:  For your health and safety, Bingo will remain temporarily closed until further notice.  

Q:  Will my Bingo offers from March be valid when Bingo reopens?
A:  Yes, once bingo resumes, new offers will be sent out to guests.

Q:  Is the Poker room open?

A:  Yes, the Poker room is now open daily from 10am until 2am.

Q:  What safety measures have been taken in the Poker room?
A:  The Poker room will be cleaned and disinfected daily during the closed hours of 2am until 10am.  Plexiglas shields have been installed on all tables that are to be used. Dealers will be required to wear masks and gloves while dealing in the Poker room.   

Q:  Am I required to wear a mask while playing poker?
A:  Once seated, you may remove your mask while playing poker. Plexiglas will be present at each spot on the table. Your required to wear your mask once you leave the table.

Q:  Is smoking permitted in the Poker room?
A:  The Poker room will remain a non-smoking area.

Q:  Is food permitted in the Poker room?
A:  Food will not be permitted in the Poker room.

Q:  Will there be upcoming Poker tournaments and promotions?
A:  At this time, all tournaments and most promotions will be on hold.  The Bad Beat Jackpot will be the only promotion available.

Q:  Will Table Games be available upon the casino reopening?
A:  Yes, Table Games will be available with limited capacity per table. Other restrictions will apply.

Q:  Is Valet available?
A:  Yes, valet is available to all guests..

Q:  If I drive to the casino is parking available?
A:  Currently, valet and the self parking structure is available to all guests.

Q:  Can I still be dropped off to enter the casino?
A:  Yes, you may be dropped off at any of the casino entrances for entry.

Q:  Can I park outside the property and walk to the casino to gain entry?
A:  Yes

Q:  Can I be dropped off by Uber or Lyft?
A:  Yes, Uber, Lyft and all taxi services can pickup and drop off near the outside escalators on the backside of the property.

Q:  Does the casino still offer free transportation to the casino from either Flying Flags RV or Solvang?
A:  For your health and safety, this will be unavailable until further notice.

Q:  Are the guest shuttles available?
A:  Yes, we are currently running a limited guest shuttle schedule. Reservations are required.

Q:  What safety precautions will be taken on the guest shuttles?
A:  Guests will be required to have their temperature checked before boarding the shuttle. Guests are required to wear a mask while boarding/riding the shuttle. Shuttles are only allowing 25 passengers at a time to allow for social distancing. Shuttles will be disinfected before, between and after each trip.


Q:  Are you still going to have the vehicle drawing every Sunday evening?
A:  We have resumed this promotion. Every Sunday at 10pm and holiday Monday's at 10pm.

Q:  Will the $25,000 free play drawing still be held every Sunday at 6pm?
A:  We have resumed this promotion. Every Sunday at 6pm and on Holiday Monday's at 6pm. 

Q:  Will I still receive all my membership benefits upon reopening?
A:  Yes, you will keep all benefits and balances you have earned, based on your membership tier.

Q:  When are you going to be able to have concerts and entertainment again?
A:  For your health and safety, concerts and entertainment are on hold until further notice.

Q:  Have refunds been issued for cancelled shows?
A:  Yes, all refunds have been issued. Please check your statement. If you paid cash for tickets, a check was mailed to the address attached to your purchase.

Q:  Will the blackjack and slot tournaments be available upon reopening?

A:  For your health and safety, all blackjack and slot tournaments are on hold until further notice.

Q:  When will gift giveaways resume?
A:  Gift giveaways have resumed in July 2020. Mailers have been sent to qualifying guests.

Q:  Will The CLUB be open?
A:  The CLUB, VIP Services and the Cashier Cage will be available 24/7 for guest assistance.

Q:  Are you still offering $25 in free-play for new member sign-ups?
A:  Yes, new members will receive $25 upon signing up for The CLUB.



Q:  What dining options are currently available?
 A:  Grains and Grounds is open 24/7 with to-go options only.  The Food Court is open from noon to 1am daily with to-go options only (limited seating is available). The Willows is open from 5pm-10pm daily with limited indoor and patio seating and to-go options (no alcohol available to-go).  Additional patron seating is still available in the Samala Showroom.

Q:  Is the Willows restaurant open?
A:  The Willows is currently open for limited indoor and patio seating from 5pm-10pm daily.  Willows is also available for take-out daily from 5pm-10pm daily (no alcohol to-go options available).

Q:  Are minors allowed to dine at the Willows?
A:  Yes, minors can dine at the Willows so long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21. Due to the updated COVID-19 restrictions, we are offering outside patio seating and takeout option.

Q:  What is the cleaning frequency at the Food Court and Grains and Grounds?

A:  The Food Court is cleaned on the closed hours with a 10-minute sanitization every 2 hours during the open hours. Grains and Grounds sanitizes the outlet two times daily, 5am and 5pm daily for 10-15 minutes.

Q:  Are minors allowed to visit the Food Court?
A:  Yes, minors may dine at the Food Court, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian over the age of 21.  Minors can be seated in the Samala Showroom area where no casino gaming is present.  
Q:  Where can I sit down to eat?
A:  We have dining seating available in the Samala Showroom.  You can also eat when sitting down at your slot machine or table game.

Q:  Will the gift shop be open?
A:  Yes, our gift and sundries shop located on the retail bridge will be open. The gift shop on the 1st floor will be open from 10am-2am, 7 days a week. 

Q:  Will beverage service be available?
A:  Tray service will be available on the gaming floor to seated guests. The Hydration station will be available at the main Samala Showroom Hallway entrance, 24/7 with food and beverage options available for purchase.

Q:  Will the Center Bar and other outlets be open to purchase alcoholic beverages?

A: The Center Bar has limited seating with every other seat available for patrons to use. Alcohol service will continue with tray delivery to the gaming floor.  We also have alcoholic beverages available for purchase at the Hydration Station at the entrance of the Samala Showroom from Noon-Midnight daily.  

Q:  Is the Chumash Casino Resort Hotel open?
A:  The Chumash Casino Resort Hotel is open and available to all guests.

Q:  When will the Spa reopen?
A:  For your health and safety, The Spa is temporarily closed until further notice due.

Q:  Will my room offers still be valid before the COVID-19 closure?
A:  New hotel offers will be given once the hotel is fully open. 

Q:  When will the pool be open? 
A:  The Pool and hot tub are open from 11am to 7pm to hotel registered guests only. Guests with reservations may partake in the pool on the day of arrival and guests may also use the pool on their departure date until the closing of that day. 

Q:  Is there F&B service at the pool?
A:  Food and Beverage service at the pool is currently unavailable. Guests may bring food and beverage as long as it is in non-breakable containers. No glass allowed in pool area. Ice chests are ok and will be checked prior to entry to pool area.
Q:  Is the Hotel Corque open?
A:  The Hotel Corque is open and available to all guests. The pool at Hotel Corque is open. Our spa is limited to 4 guests at one time.

Q:  Is the Hadsten House pool open?
A:  The pool is now open from 9am – 11pm. The hot tub is still closed until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions

Q:  Will complimentary breakfast still be available at Hadsten House upon reopening?
A:  At this time a breakfast option will be unavailable.  

Q:  Is Root-246 open?
A:  For your health and safety, Root-246 is closed until further notice.

Q:  Will bell service be available upon arrival?
A:  Bell service is available to all guests at Hotel Corque.

Q:  Will turn-down service be available?
A:  For health and safety purposes, this service will be temporarily unavailable. Housekeeping amenity service will be available upon request for trash removal, extra towels or linen, coffee and condiment refills.  This will be temporarily unavailable due to the updated COVID-19 restrictions.

Q:  Have any in-room amenities been removed?
A:  For your health and safety, some in-room amenities have been removed, such as pens, notepads and guest directories.

Q:  Can minors stay at the hotel?
A:  Yes, minors can stay at the hotel under parent or guardian supervision. They will be required to have their temperature checked.

Q:  Will room service be available at Chumash Casino Resort Hotel?
A:  For your health and safety, room service will be unavailable until further notice.

Q:  Will the fitness and business centers be available when staying at the hotel?
A:  For your health and safety, these features will be unavailable until further notice.

Q:  Is hand sanitizer located at each of your hotels and the casino?
A:  Yes, hand sanitizer stations are located at each hotel and throughout the casino floor.

Q:  Is Kita Wines open?
A:  Kita Tasting Room will reopen on February 5th for outdoor tastings and by the glass service (all services currently take place outside on the patio).  Hours are Friday: 2p-6p, Saturday: 12p-6p, Sunday: 12p-5p, Mon-Thurs by appointment only.  
Q:  Are reservations required?
A:  Due to limited outdoor seating, reservations are recommended (they are not required however).  Call 805-819-1372 or to reserve.

Q:  What safety measures will be taken at Kita Wines?
A:  All services will take place outside on the patio.  Guests are required to wear face coverings upon entry and will be required to maintain 6 feet social distancing from persons outside of their party.